Three Creative Ways To Pass The Time With Children At A Walk-In Clinic

Your children may be the best behaved they can be, but when you have to spend quite a bit of time waiting to be seen at a walk-in clinic, they can quickly become agitated and restless. Even though wait times at a walk-in clinic are nowhere near as bad as they can be at a doctor's office, you still may be waiting for a bit in a crowded room where there is not a lot of stimulation for a energetic child who probably does not feel that great. In order to pass the time, there are a few things you can do while you wait.

Create an Emergency Fun Kit

As a parent, you never know when you may be stuck waiting for something with your child, especially in a medical situation. It is a good idea to create an emergency fun kit to carry along with you in a diaper bag, purse, or car. The kit should include a cheap new toy that your child has never seen, a special bag of snacks, or even just some crayons and a new coloring book. When the situation arises, pull out the fun kit and your child will most likely be pacified for at least ten to fifteen minutes while you wait.

Phone a Friend

If noise levels will allow while you wait at the walk-in clinic, pass a bit of time by allowing your child to give a call to some of their favorite people. If your little one never gets to use your cell phone, they will especially get a kick out of this. If you have an app for face-to-face calling, now would be the perfect opportunity to introduce the idea to your little one or allow them to talk to one of their friends.

Have a Digital Scavenger Hunt

Bring a digital camera along with you to the clinic, one like One Stop Medical Centre & Boniface Park Medical Centre, and a list of fun things your little one can easily spot, such as a magazine, stethoscope, or box of tissues. Tell your child when he or she gets antsy that you are going to play a game. Give your child basic instructions of the scavenger hunt and they will be so occupied with finding objects on the list to photograph that the time will pass unnoticed.

Walk-in clinics provide a convenient option when you need medical care, but cannot wait to get an appointment with the doctor. Keeping your little one entertained while you wait will make the experience much more enjoyable and you can be on your way with the rest of your day.