Strengthen Your Back At Home Without Any Exercise Equipment

If you frequently suffer from back pain, one way to reduce your suffering is to strength your back. You can easily strengthen and stretch out your back at home every morning before you start your day without any exercise equipment. Here are a few simple stretches you can do every morning in less than fifteen minutes that will strengthen your back and reduce the pain that you feel.

Opposite Limbs Stretch

For this stretch, you start out on your hands and knees with your back as straight as possible. You will take your left arm, lift it off the ground, and reach forward. At the exact same time, you will lift up your right leg so it is in-line with your back while pointing your toes. Hold this position for five seconds. Then relax and bring your left arm and right leg down to the ground.

Repeat with your right arm and left leg this time. That counts as one repetition of this exercise. Work your way up to ten repetitions a day.

Back Sag And Lift

Once again, you will start out on your hands and knees for this exercise with your back straight.

First, you will slowly allow your back and abdomen to relax towards the floor, almost like you are sticking your stomach out towards the floor. Your back will be arched downward.

Then, slowing, start to arch your back up, until your back is rounding up towards the ceiling. Slowly relax your back until it is straight again. Try to work up to eight repetitions of this exercise a day.

Pelvic Thrust

For this exercise, you need to lie on your back. Your will need to keep your feet flat on the floor and your knees bent. Your shoulders and head should be relaxed.

Once you are in position, tighten up your muscles in your stomach and your gluteus. Once those muscles are tight, push your hips off the floor. Your body should look like an angled line from your shoulders to your knees. Try to stay in that position while taking three deep breaths in and out. Once you complete your three breaths, relax your body back down to the floor.

This exercise requires a lot of strength. Start out doing five a day and try to work your way up to twenty a day.

You can do these three exercises every morning before your day gets into full swing without any exercise equipment. These simple exercises will stretch out your back and strength your back and core muscles, which should cut down on the back pain that you experience. To learn more, contact a company like Ladner Chiropractic with any questions you have.