Signs You May Have Night Vision Problems

Vision problems can happen gradually over a long period of time. This can make it difficult for you to notice the changes and realize you should get in to see your optometrist. Sometimes your eyes will change only slightly or in certain conditions, such as when you drive at night. This makes it even harder for you to recognize a problem that needs correcting. If you've been wondering whether or not you may need to see an optometrist for night vision problems, you'll find the information below helpful.

Night vision problems are common

Needing to wear eyeglasses to see better for nighttime driving is actually pretty common. Driving during the day presents less visual obstacles than nighttime driving. Some people don't realize they need help with their vision at all until they start experiencing problems at night. However, just because you need glasses to drive at night doesn't necessarily mean you need to wear eyeglasses during the day.

There are many signs to watch for

There are many signs you can watch for that will let you know you may need to see an optometrist to see if you need eyeglasses to drive at night. You want to watch for the following signs:

  • You squint to read street signs until you are very close to them
  • You see halos around the street lights
  • You have a hard time seeing the lines in the road when it is raining
  • You look away as cars approach you with their headlights on
  • You have a hard time deciphering shadows from actual objects at night
  • You find yourself leaning very close to the windshield trying to see better

Don't turn to over-the-counter eyeglasses

If you have a hard time with night driving you may have seen the glasses many stores sell that are advertised as glasses for night driving. You don't want to go with these. Most times, they have a yellow tint that's supposed to be designed to reduce glare. However, these glasses can actually make it more difficult for you to see at night and can lead to a dangerous driving situation. If you feel you may need eyeglasses you want to go directly to an optometrist like Londonderry Eye Care and let them examine you. The more you put off having your eyes examined, the worse your problem can get. Also, you may be putting yourself and others that share the road with you in jeopardy.