Two Of Your Pressing Questions About Orthotic Insoles Answered

For those with foot problems, finding a comfortable pair of shoes can seem like a daunting or impossible task. However, you do not need to have a custom pair of shoes made to find relief from your foot problems. You can use orthotic insoles to help give your feet the support that your shoes are unable to provide. There is a strong chance that you may not be particularly familiar with these inserts, but after considering a couple of common questions and answers, you should find it easier to make a smart choice when it comes to keeping your feet comfortable. 

Can You Wear Insoles During Athletics?

Many people find that their shoes are more than adequate for everyday use, but if they engage in athletic activities, they may find that they need additional support for their feet. Sadly, some people think that you can't wear orthotic insoles during these events. Luckily, there are insoles that are specially designed to be worn during these activities, and this can make it easier for you to enjoy the activities you want without having to suffer from severe foot pain. 

Considering the intense and broad range of motions demanded by athletics, it is imperative for you to have your insoles perfectly fitted to your shoes. Fortunately, most orthotists are able to quickly help pair you with the insole that will provide you with the best fit and support for your feet, and this can help minimize the chances that you buy insoles that will not properly fit you.. 

Will Insoles Make Your Shoes Smell Bad?

There is a popular idea that insoles will gradually cause your shoes to have a permanent odor to them. For those that have expensive shoes, this may seem like a major problem that must be avoided. However, it should be noted that your insoles should not smell any worse than the rest of your shoes provided you are washing them on a regular basis. 

To wash the insoles, you will need to remove them from the shoes before handing washing them under cool running water. Scrub the insoles with either a mild dish or body soap, and allow them at least one full day to air dry before putting them back into the shoes.

Insoles have the ability to transform the way your shoes fit your feet, but these inserts are often poorly understood by the patients that can benefit from them the most. By understanding more about this topic you may realize that this could be the perfect option for reducing your foot strain.