IMS - A Physical Therapy Option For Inflammation

Many people suffer chronic pain with the muscles in and around their skeletal system. Sometimes, no obvious sign of injury exists, but inflammation or other disorders can remain hidden from plain sight. Physical therapy seeks to correct and assist with these issues. Therefore, you should know about a unique approach called IMS.

IMS, or Intramuscular Stimulation, is a system that is used to diagnose pain syndromes. It is derived from western medicine and was developed by Dr. Gunn who was able to help a number of people who previously found no solution. The method involves the use of acupuncture needles, as they can go deep into the muscle tissue with their thin circumference, to find and diagnose muscle shortening in deep muscles. This technique has been used on muscles that, for example, have shortened (contracted chronically) from overuse, inflammation or stress.

With IMS, the patient receives a thorough examination by a trained practitioner who looks for signs of pain. Many times, this pain can be neurological, rather than structural, meaning that costly mechanisms like X-rays, MRI's and other scans won't show the problem. This can also cause you to miss the real problem. Therefore, this examination is a vital part of the IMS physical therapy program.

The acupuncture involved in the treatment is "dry needling." This means that no fluids or substances are injected into the patient. When the needle penetrates muscle, it may cause a tightened muscle to engage the reflex relaxation. This lengthens the muscle and reduces tightness. It also causes a small area of "injury" in which the surrounding cells act to heal it naturally. Finally, the electrical currents flowing through the muscle can be stimulated by the needle, helping it to work properly again.

The goal with IMS is to release the muscles from their shortened position. This is because tightened or shortened muscles can irritate surrounding nerves. This means that areas that were previously incredibly sensitive can be made less sensitive, easing pain for the patient. Mechanical pain from muscle pull is only a part of many people's pain. There is also a neuropathic pain that can cause the root of the pain, which may be changed through IMS.

For those with chronic pain, physical therapy is an important part of the recovery process. IMS is a tool that can have great success in healing and helping ease the pain of muscular issues. IMS can help you live pain free again. For more information, contact a company like Coronation Physiotherapy.