Tips For Safe Eye Drop Medication Use

If your optometrist has prescribed a medication for you that you apply to your eyes using an eye dropper bottle, then there are certain things that you should do to avoid contaminating the bottle and potentially giving yourself a harmful eye infection.

Follow these tips to safely use your new medication:

Handle the Bottle in a Sterile Manner

Before you put medication drops into your eyes, you should first wash your hands with soap and water. Open the dropper bottle using both hands and avoid touching the tip of the bottle with your fingers or the outside of the top of the bottle.

When you place the medication drops into your eyes, hold the dropper bottle a couple of inches above your eye so that the tip of the bottle will not come into contact with your eye, nose, or forehead.

As soon as you have placed the drops into your eyes as prescribed, immediately put the top of the dropper bottle back on. Be careful to avoid touching the tip of the bottle with the bottle's top or your fingers. If the tip of the bottle becomes contaminated, then you can clean it off using rubbing alcohol placed on a cotton ball.

Block Your Tear Duct Post Drop

Immediately after you place a drop of medication in your eye, close your eye and place a clean finger on the tear duct near your nose. Push gently on the tear duct to block the medication from flowing out of your eye. Hold the tear duct for a moment before releasing it and blinking your eyes a couple of times to cause your eyes to water.

Using this technique will give your eyes the most contact time with the medication and will help it work more effectively.

Apply Eye Drops One Drop at a Time

If your prescription calls for installing two drops into each eye, then you should get into the habit of placing the drops into your eyes one at a time. Place a drop in one eye and then place a drop in the other eye. Once the drops have had time to medicate your eye, then you should place the second drop in each eye.

If you need additional assistance with using eye medication safely, you should speak with your optometrist or the pharmacist who fills your prescription. They are the best people to advise you on the use of your medication. For more information, contact Dr. Harvey Mayers or a similar medical professional.