3 Reasons Massage Therapy Could Be Right For You

When it comes to the concept of getting a massage, a lot of people may think that it's something that should be viewed as a luxury--a service that only the rich use to pamper themselves. While that may be true for some, the truth is that massage and more specifically massage therapy has many uses, some of them medical in nature. If you are dealing with an injury or another body issue, massage therapy might be just the thing you need to get your body back to normal. Here are 3 different scenarios where massage therapy could be the right option for you.

You Want to Reduce Stress

Is your boss getting on your last nerve? Are the kids driving you crazy at home? Many people are often more stressed out than they realize. Massage is a great way to help reset your body after a hectic week at the office or elsewhere. A massage may provide you with the only quiet time you've had all day to simply relax and reflect. Massage therapy can help get your tight muscles loosened up as the stress of the workplace melts away.

You've Suffered An Injury From Repetitive Use

If your job or favorite hobby has you engaging in physical activity that often requires the same muscle motion over and over, it's not unusual to see a repetitive-use injury develop. Whether it's something like carpal tunnel for someone who types on a keyboard all day or someone who has had their knee flare up while running mile after mile during marathon training, massage therapy can help get things back on track. A good massage naturally stimulates blood flow in the targeted area, pushing you along in the healing process and helping to reduce pain. 

You Have High Blood Pressure

About 20 percent of all Canadians have high blood pressure, according to CBC News and Statistics Canada. Some people may have high blood pressure and not even know it. But if you have gone to the doctor and been diagnosed with the problem, massage therapy is one way that you try and take control of the situation. Massage therapy will put you into a relaxed state of body and mind, lowering your pulse and therefore, your blood pressure. You may also want to take medication or anything else your doctor prescribes, but regular massages can help lead to a lower blood pressure over time.

Massages aren't just for those who want to pamper themselves. Massage therapy (such as is provided by Gordon Head Massage Therapy) is a great method that can help someone dealing with too much workplace stress, a repetitive use injury or high blood pressure. As always, consult your doctor about your issue before starting any type of medical treatment.