Want To Become A Massage Therapist? 4 Things You Are Going To Need To Do

If you want to become a massage therapist, you need to put in some work. First, you are going to need to find funding to get the necessary training to become a massage therapist. Second, you are going to need to attend massage therapist training. Third, you need to obtain your massage therapist license. Fourth, you are going to have to determine how to turn your training into a career.

#1 Find Funding

First, you are going to need to fund your massage therapist training. Training programs can vary from a couple months to a couple years. The length of the training program often depends upon the state you want to practice in and how many hours of training they require one to have before they qualify to get a massage therapy license.

There are lots of ways to secure funding for massage therapy school. You can apply for federal funding to help you pay for school. You can take out a private loan. You can apply for scholarships or you can save up the money to attend and pay for massage therapy school all on your own.

#2 Attend Massage Therapy Training

Next, you need to apply for and attend massage therapy training. In some states, you can attend a school dedicated to massage therapy training. In other states, you may obtain your massage therapy training through a community college and come out of the experience with an associate's degree and a massage therapy certification at the same time.

Your training will include schoolwork, where you will take a lot of anatomy- and science-based classes, as well as classes that teach you specific massage techniques. You can also extend your training and specialize in specific techniques as well.

#3 Obtain Your License

Obtain your license is generally a multi-step process. First, you have to log the required number of seat hours and hands-on training hours required by your state. From there, you are going to need to take a written test and oftentimes a hands-on test that demonstrate your skills. You will also need to pay for the licensing process.

#4 Turn Your Training into a Career

Finally, you are going to need to turn your training into a career. You are going to need to figure out where you want to work and how you want to work. Although you can start your own practice, as a new massage therapist, you may want consider ways to network and build up clients, such as working at a salon or doing corporate chair massages in order to get your practice going.

If you want to become a massage therapist, you will need to obtain funding and then attend massage therapy classes. You will need to go through the licensing process for your state, and you will need to turn your training into a career once you get your license.