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3 Tips For Improving Visibility In Senior Housing

The average 60-year-old person needs roughly twice the amount of lighting that is required by the average 30 year old. According to Terry McGowan of the American Lighting Association, the following changes that occur in those over 60 significantly affect their individual household lighting needs: Heightened sensitivity to glare Reduced ability to discern between colors […]

How To Tell If Your Child Needs Braces

Every parent wants their child to grow up and have a straight, even, beautiful smile. Unfortunately, most kids don’t just get those smiles without trying. Instead, most youngsters will need to wear braces for a period of time in order to achieve desirable smiles. It’s important that you take your child to a dentist on […]

2 Types Of Orthotics

Most people do not have perfect feet, although some people’s feet abnormalities are less severe than others. For those with light to medium severity foot problems, orthotics are often the way to go in order to improve foot performance and quality of life. Orthotics are able to support any abnormalities, such as flat feet or […]

Cold Laser Therapy For Fibromyalgia

If you suffer from fibromyalgia, you’ve probably tried a variety of things to get your symptoms under control. Medication, exercise, dietary supplements, and therapy are all common treatment options. However, if you’re still not able to cope with the pain and other symptoms—or you would prefer treatment without medication—cold laser therapy may be a viable […]